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Episode 39 – Matt Ward

Matt Ward

Matt Ward

This week’s episode comes directly from the Dirty Dirty South as Mo sits down with Knoxville, Tennessee comedian Matt Ward. Knoxville has a small but growing comedy scene, and as the tip of the spear, Matt has a lot to say about what it takes to develop a scene that produces good comedy and draws good audiences. What is the ideal relationship between a scene’s comedy clubs and its independent shows? What are things to look for in a potential comedy venue? What can comics do to create new comedy fans for their scene, and how much of that is their responsibility anyway?

Matt and Mo discuss all these questions, and the lessons apply to comedy scenes of virtually any size. In addition to all that, you can hear Matt’s terrific insight on how to go about quitting your day job and making a career out of comedy.

Lots of great stuff on this episode whether you’re a comedian, partner of a comedian, show producer, venue manager, fan, journalist or blogger, or any other stakeholder in a comedy scene, on this week’s episode of Laughmatic!

And as a special bonus, we make up for the absence of bookworm. by including “Music for Me,” a song from Defective Collective‘s upcoming album, Fool Proof, set to drop next month. Have a listen and follow bookworm. on twitter for updates on the album as they happen!

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